Humanity Pods

Join us for the “Great Humanity Pod Challenge” 

for Northampton’s Houseless Population!

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A Humanity Pod is a unique, bicycle-pulled camper pod. Each pod serves as a secure and cozy place to sleep, relax, cook and eat meals, and store possessions.

Humanity Pods give the user an alternative “home,” providing independent living, privacy, and safety from the elements. These pods are a temporary, convenient solution for individuals transitioning between houselessness to a more conventional living situation. Bicycle transport allows for mobility and independence, giving the user a permanent sense of “home” even while moving between venues and host locations.

We’re starting with 20 pods for 2021!

Grab your friends, family members, business staff, or other volunteers and choose a Team Leader for your crew! Teams will receive all necessary materials, instructions, videos and training, and all teams will have access to professional assistance throughout the building process. Teams have the option of constructing the entire pod themselves, or can opt to start with a fully-assembled trailer base. All teams are also responsible for providing a fully-functioning used bicycle for the project, and all pod owners will receive a bicycle fit to their size.

Although each pod will be constructed with the same simple design, teams have the option to embellish and enhance each pod with their own unique designs and additions, and a spot on the exterior to customize their pod with a unique team message!

Please note, that Humanity Pods are NOT for sale! These are to be given away to houseless folks only, not as a business to make money. However, it must be noted that the cost of building a pod far exceeds the $500 donation if you include the time spent to make them. This would be upwards of $1500 including labor if paid at fair wage rate. So, if you are hoping that a certain person will get one, it’s not a matter of buying one. We need help to construct them, hence, the team building challenge. Please find friends, co-workers, or relatives to help you!

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So, maybe you love the idea of Humanity Pods, but don’t have the time or energy to help, please consider making a donation here!

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contact info: [email protected] , 413.270.2985